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KeithgameS Software offers many utilities for both business and home users.



With more and more businesses using computer-based presentations, many people are discovering the limits of conventional presentation software. How, for example, could you demonstrate how to use a program to a large group of people? With KeithgameS ScreenScribble, the task is easy. ScreenScribble is a compact utility that converts your screen into a canvas. Merely open the program and draw on the screen as you would a piece of paper. Circle important fields, draw lines to connect related items, and box text that might be useful. To erase your drawing, merely pack the program up using the built-in "condense" feature. ScreenScribble is a powerful yet elegant method to illustrate your methodology with a minimum of hassle.

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In recent years an enormous amount of consumer and financial data has been moved online. This has created an age of instantaneous information transfer. Yet this convenience entails great risks. Hackers across the globe attempt to break into computers worldwide, stealing personal information and corporate data. To counteract the spread of cyberterrorism, KeithgameS Software created Encrypt3, a powerful encryption utility. Encrypt3 converts files of any sort- for example, text documents containing financial information or database files of customer data- into unreadable ciphertext, securing the data. Additionally, Encrypt3 can convert these ciphertext files back into usable data, so your information will always be safe. For your own protection, KeithgameS recommends Encrypt3

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Vocabulary notecards for English classes can be extremely useful. However, when the purpose of the assignment degenerates from study aid to busywork, vocabulary notecards become a tedious chore rather than a meaningful tool. To assist, KeithgameS Software created NoteCard, a vocabulary note card generator. Merely type in the word, definition, and part of speech, and NoteCard will generate preformatted notecards with random (and sometimes preposterous) sentences. An incredible time-saver, NoteCard is ideal for English students who don't want to let school interfere with their education.

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Have you ever had to move a file from one computer to the other only to discover that it's exactly 1.5 MB? It just won't fit on a floppy disk, but it would be a terrible waste to burn an entire CD-R with one file on it. But using KeithgameS Software's Diskify utility, your problems are solved. Diskify breaks files apart, writing them onto multiple floppy disks, and then recombines the pieces into files on the receiving computer. The process does not harm any data and is both safe and reliable.

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Math students rejoice! KeithgameS Software WinFactor is the simple way to quickly derive the prime factors of any number. Just type the number in and click the button. It really is that simple.

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For artists and webmasters alike, color coordination is essential for any project. But what if you want to match the exact shade of something you see on your computer screen? Most conventional software programs do not identify the colors of on-screen object. But KeithgameS Software's PixelSmart can. PixelSmart identifies the color of any pixel you hover your mouse over, in both RGB format and CSS #nnnnnn notation. It's as simple as that!

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