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Photon (2007)

Master the lasers in this original puzzle challenge!


Dazzling Lasers Await!

Photon, KeithgameS' new puzzle game, is a mental challenge like no other! Enter a world of colored lasers, mirrors, and lenses as you try to trigger all the colored sensors. There's a catch, of course - you're not immune to the lasers!

Push mirrors into place to deflect or split laser beams. Separate out colors from the beams and combine colors into single beams.


The Photon Challenge

There are only three types of items in the Photon world - mirrors, lenses, and T-mirrors - but that doesn't mean this puzzle is easy! These components can interact in a huge number of ways and Photon puzzles can be extremely tricky.

Photon has online access to our Photon Puzzle Database, a compendium of the most fiendish puzzle sets we've come across. Download Photon for free access to all the puzzles we have on record!

> Download Photon (beta version)