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Classic Minesweeper... with a twist...

The Solver Engine

The game Minesweeper has been included in nearly every version of Microsoft Windows for over ten years. It's the classic casual logic game with a very simple premise: mark all the mines without revealing them. KeithgameS Software's MineSwept recreates the fun and challenge of Minesweeper, but with a twist- Solver.

Solver is an extremely fast, perfectly logical Minesweeper engine that can solve most boards at incredible rates. Solver is an integral part of MineSwept. It can offer useful hints to your gameplay- indicating safe squares so you can progress and thus acting as a mentor. Or, if you're interested, it can blaze through an enormous 48x48 grid with 360 mines at breathtaking speeds.

If you enjoy Minesweeper, you'll enjoy the tutoring and entertainment of MineSwept and its Solver engine. Give it a try today!

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