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MathTrek Series

MathTrek Series

Save the world from alien invasion and rescue the Mathematics Island from the clutches of an evil demon!

MathTrek II (2004)


The Math Dominion in Peril!

The peaceful Math Dominion is in grave peril! A demon has conquered the Mathematics Castle and destroyed the thirty-three Mathematics Power Cubes. Without these cubes, the inhabitants of the dominion are powerless to reclaim their rightful lands. Quickly, Mathematics Trekker, recover and rebuild the cubes before it's too late!


Your MathTrek

Using your incredible wits and mathematical abilities, quest through the Mathematics Dominion and rebuild the enormous Power Cubes. Start with simple arithmetic and make your way up to multi-digit multiplication and division. Search the domain, from the deepest of oceans to the furthest regions of outer space.


Unique Math Challenges

MathTrek is simple and straightforward. You need not worry about trivialities- just solve the equations! And don't panic, you'll be backed by an array of powerful items you can purchase in the shop.


Watch Your Brain Grow

Play MathTrek II today and watch as your mental math skills grow by leaps and bounds. Discover creative and unique math tricks as you progress to the final challenge- the Mathematics Castle! A great brain exercise for all ages.

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The Mathematics Quest

The Mathematics Quest was the first installment of the MathTrek Series. Unfortunately, it is not compatible on most modern systems. If you are interested in downloading it anyway, please contact us and we may be able to send you the most recent version.