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Slide from icy tile to icy tile in search of the Rainbow Tile!

Your Icy Journey

Slip from tile to tile in this intriguing puzzle game! Move around in a world of geometric figures, sliding from space to space, searching for a path to the Rainbow Tile to the next level.

Of course, that's not all. Watch out for lethal explosives, trigger toggle floors, and beware as the floor magically falls out from under your feet...

Collect keys, bounce off cushioned springs, and unlock hollow floors as your quest for the exit takes you across a variety of convoluted and complicated mazes.

IceHop comes with four basic puzzle sets (Tutorial, Medium, Hard, and Insane) and a fully-functional level editor and puzzle set creator. Simple to use but difficult to master, IceHop is the ideal game for latent puzzle gamers.

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