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Bomb Voyage Series

Bomb Voyage Series

The fast-paced multiplayer games of Bomb Voyage transport you to a world of carnage, chaos, and greed.

Bomb Voyage III


The Bomb Arena

Welcome to the Bomb Arena, a high-adrenaline zone of greed and death. Abandon your restraint- here, all you have are your wits and your skills. Avoid the bombs as they race towards you in a frantic charge. Watch out for buried land mines and long-range stun weapons. Scramble as fast as you can to rack up as many points as you can before your life is tragically cut short!


Powerful Items

Use six different chaotic items in your race for points. Toast your enemies with the stunning sphere, or trap them with large land mines. Attract all crystal spheres with the electromagnet, or stay alive with invaluable crystal armor. Steal points and items using the item thieves and sapper worms. All in all, you will dominate using your powerful arsenal.


Unique Game Modes

Relive your schoolyard days with Capture the Flag mode, where you must guard the red flag while dodging an onslaught of explosives. Scramble for points in Time Runner mode as the clock runs down. Avoid massive blue spheres as you play Dodgeball. Finally, control as much territory as you can in the bizarre Ringmaster mode.


Simple Customization

Using the game's own control panel, you can adjust nearly every aspect of the game... including the colors! Speed the game up, add more items, increase the number of spheres, and reverse control style in one simple area.


Computerized Enemies

Once you've defeated all your friends, take on the computer! Bomb Voyage III hosts a powerful AI player certain to give you a run for your money. If you want to just sit back and relax, watch the computer play itself!


The Bomb Voyage III Experience

Bomb Voyage III offers hours of replayable, fast-paced action. Whether against your friends or against the internal AI, you'll flex your virtual muscles in the most entertaining death match you'll ever find.

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Bomb Voyage II


Dawn of a Generation

Bomb Voyage II is the game that revolutionized the Bomb Voyage series. Compete in a 3D environment whose blazing pace will astound you. Use a variety of incredible original items, like the time-stopping Chronos Orb or deadly Fireball Attack. Bomb Voyage II also sports an incredibly powerful computer AI guaranteed to challenge you for days. And don't forget to experience the awe-inspiring power of nuclear weapons!

  • Four game modes.
  • Eight powerful items.
  • Replayable tournament mode.
  • Incredible 3D playfield.
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Bomb Voyage

Bomb Voyage was the first installment of the multiplayer Bomb Voyage series. Unfortunately, it is not compatible on modern systems and is no longer available from KeithgameS Software.