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Revision History

We are constantly updating ARENAnet to improve gameplay and overall user experience. Here is a list of the recent updates and what changes we've made to the game.

  • The Golem's Stone Skin now only absorbs one damage.
  • Battlemagi now have 6 attack and 23 health, rather than 8 attack and 25 health.
  • Sorcerers start with Psychic Pulse rather than Psychic Subdual.
  • Double-upgraded sorcerers now gain the spell Psychic Incarnation.
  • Oth now have the spell Giant Leap instead of Pounce.
  • Oth gain the spell Pounce when upgrading and Stunning Strike when double-upgraded.
  • The Shade's Lifebond and Energylink abilities now steal life and mana equal to 100% of the damage dealt.
  • Shades now have 3 attack instead of 4.
  • Vampires no longer have Lifebond. Greater Vampires, however, still have Lifebond.
  • Dawnstriders now are invisible in the morning, get +1 attack and speed in the afternoon, and -1 attack at night.
  • Lunar Eclipse has no effect during the day.
  • Solar Eclipse now gives the target -4 attack at night and has no effect during the day.
  • Poison now correctly reduces health to 1 on units with very low health.
  • The in-game chat feature no longer displays on top of the control panel icons when it's your turn.
  • Unpacking a catapult with the Knight Warlord no longer gives the catapult 4/0 movement.
  • Fixed some graphics errors where text boxes didn't center correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the program to crash when quitting.
  • Added spells for the Blademaster, Sharpshooter, and Warrior Prince.
  • Added elaborative text in the help file for all the spells.
  • Added map reference to the help file.
  • Veteran neutral units are now referred to as "Greater," since they cannot upgrade.
  • Greater Hybradoxi now have spell immunity to prevent Tacticians from capturing and unfairly using them.
  • Sorcerers now have 22 health and Pyromancers 24, to reflect their relative prices.
  • Slightly increased the upgrade bonuses for Shades and Nullmagi.
  • The game no longer leaves behind the gigantic debug output log afer quitting.
  • Letters are no longer cut off during the "sending map" screen.
  • There are now buttons on the side of the display to open the Preferences and Quit Game menus.
  • Added a built-in update utility to streamline the update process.
  • The help file now correctly lists unit information.
  • Revised the user interface to match the feel of the original ARENA.
  • Several graphics updates - new pictures for Dwarf and Dark One.
  • Powered up the advanced neutral units.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused neutral units to start with full mana.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused substantial memory leaks.