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The Game

ARENAnet's gameplay and style is guaranteed to provide hours of addictive entertainment. Read on.

ARENAnet Warlords

The Warlords

The warlords of old having faded, the Plains of Adevon fell into chaos. Now a dedicated band of nine warlords are ready to reclaim their lands. Of the original ARENA twelve warlords, seven are back with a vengeance. They are joined by two new and fearsome opponents: the elemental master Cloudshaper and the brilliant military Tactician.

These warlords are not to be taken lightly. They are deadly and powerful foes bent on claiming the Plains of Adevon, where the weak rapidly perish. Watch as your forces hone their aim with the improved Sharpshooter, or vanish entirely at night with the updated Dark One. Whatever your choice, you will have at your command an army that will be the stuff of legend.

Meet the Warlords

ARENAnet Armies

The Armies

Alongside the warlords are their armies, formed of mercenaries, glory-seekers, and task magi. These forces will carve holes into enemy lines, explore forgotten terrain, and collect Adevon's legendary gold stores.

Twenty-four unit classes await you, from simple sword-wielding Warriors and Dwarves to the nearly omnipotent Sorcerers and worldshaping Gaeans. Set up Catapults and attack your enemies from a distance, or clobber them into the ground with massive Golems. This battle will be epic and will resound across the globe.

ARENAnet Roving Bands

The Roving Bands

The Adevon of old was home to a prosperous empire whose foundation lay in its numerous gold mines. The warlords of yesterday gathered these mines to finance their operations. But when they slowly lost their grip on the mines, roving bands of riffraff mercenaries and demons made camp around the mines' vast riches.

No longer can your army merely claim gold mines for themselves. You will now find mines guarded by powerful unaligned armies. Avoid swarms of Goblins, Conjurers, and Halflings, and take great care to distance yourself from the awe-inspiring Hybradoxes and Dragons. It will take a cohesive army and great tactical skill to defeat these fearsome units.

ARENAnet World

The World

The Plains of Adevon have captured the hearts of thousands of brave adventurers. In days of old stories of deadly poisons, ancient weapons, and magic statues captivated the minds of the warlords of yesterday. Now returning, the new warlords find themselves in a very different world.

Relics of old and newer monuments now litter the plains. Discover mystical mana nodes, arcane spell scrolls, and illuminating Pillars of Lost Sights. This world's history will shape its present in ways never before imagined.

ARENAnet Magic

The Magic

The battles of ARENA were well known for their magical influence. Sorcerers launched electrifying bolts at each other, while Recluses conjured the elements into living form. Now, in this age, magic surges as a dominant and crucial point of any battle.

Your new battles will choose from some of the fifty spells, each with unique effects. Freeze enemies with Ice, or drop an entire army to its knees with Psychic Subdual. Above all, fear the ultimate destructive spell Ultrablast, capable of destroying all but the hardiest of warriors and warlords.

ARENAnet: The Onslaught

The Onslaught

With so much tension between rival armies only one thing can result- an enormous, all-out, full-scale battle that will encompass the entire Plains of Adevon.

Now is the time to conquer. Now is the time to destroy. Are you prepared for the ultimate challenge?