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ARENAnet (2006)

The uneasy peace in the Plains of Adevon has finally collapsed. Chaos has erupted and roving bands greedily guard its gold mines. All vestiges of prior order have been wiped out. A band of opportunistic warlords have just arrived at the edge of Adevon. Their intentions are simple: to gain complete dominance of a land historically reserved for the mighty.

A battle that will become the stuff of legends is about to unfold.

The Game

ARENAnet features both breadth of options and depth of detail. With over 120 units, fifty spells, thirty unit abilties, and ten interactive map items, it is sure to entertain and challenge you. Read here to learn about the rich world you are about to enter.

New in ARENAnet

Though their names are similar, ARENAnet is not the same game as ARENA. ARENAnet's gameplay, while similar to its predecessor, is radically different in a number of critical aspects. Read on to learn how ARENAnet has upgraded the KeithgameS classic.

Special Features

Check out some unique previews and strategy hints directly from us to you.

We are constantly releasing updated versions to ARENAnet. Visit the revision history to see what changes we've made in the last few versions of ARENAnet.

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