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ARENA (2005)

The Plains of Adevon are ripe for the taking- are you ready?

Take ARENA to the next level with ARENAnet, the next generation of ARENA.


The Plains of Adevon

Behold the Plains of Adevon, grasslands spread as far as the eye can see, pockmarked by the occasional plateau. Though this empty plain seems wholly unimportant, the land is steeped in magical powers, ancient relics, and powerful spirits. Here a great civilization once flourished, but now all that remains are scattered artifacts and memories of a bygone time.

But these lands are more than a testament to past glories. They are some of the richest stores of gold known to man. And for this reason, roving warlords with their hired mercenary armies are congregating at its borders. The time for battle is now, and only one warlord will survive to claim his place in the ARENA that will unfold on the crumbling stones of Adevon.


Your Challenge Awaits

You are one of the warlords at the edge of Adevon, preparing your army for the ultimate battle. You'll need your wits, your skills, and your incredible sense of strategy to make it out alive. Are you prepared to accept this challenge?

Choose from twelve warlords, each bestowing a powerful bonus upon your forces. Fight ruthlessly with the Blademaster, or control the heavens with the Prophet. Protect your armies from danger with the Defender, and enhance your units with the Forgemaster. The choice is yours, and you will quickly learn your new powers.


Build Your Army

The ARENA of Adevon is host to a multitude of merceneries. There are twenty hired units classes to choose from, from the simple Archer to the horrifying Dragon. From this pool of units you must construct an army to crush your enemy.

There are almost unlimited choices for your armies. Swarm enemies with cheap units, like the Warrior and Rider, with backup from Custodians, Zombies, and Armorers. Hit from a distance with Elves, Rogues, Catapults, and Apprentices. Summon the most fearsome creatures- Golems, Dragons, and the savage Oths.


Explore the World

The legends of the Plains of Adevon are well-founded. Adevon is home to both mystical items and earthly riches. Which shall you pursue?

Fight in randomly-generated, richly-detailed worlds, while collecting loose gold, navigating perilous rivers, consulting monoliths and praying at statues. Read ancient Tomes of the Wise to learn their secrets. Use ancient weapons and vials of poison to enhance your attack. The world is ripe for exploring, and with your army you will map its vast wilderness.


Slay Your Foes

The time will come to manifest your plans. Attack your enemies with your vast army, fighting with swords, claws, arrows, sticks, and stones. Cast magical spells, electrifying your enemies at a distance, healing your wounded, or conjuring warriors from the elements. Watch as your units gain combat experience and upgrade to units of great strength. Litter the battlefield the the bones of your fallen adversaries.

Use the terrain to your advantage. Perch your units atop hills for defensive bonuses, or make camp near a river to slow your enemies down. Hide in forests to reduce damage from arrows. The world is at your disposal, and you will control it.


Are You Ready?

ARENA's vast plains are ready for the taking. Are you ready to step up to the challenge and wrench control of these fabled lands?

Your quest awaits you. Good luck, warlord.

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