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KeithgameS Software has produced games for all ages over the past six years. We hope that some of these titles will interest and entertain you.


ARENAnet (2006)

After years of uneasy peace, the plains of Adevon once again fall into chaos. Return to lands steeped in history, enchantment, and gold as you claim your rightful place as supreme warlord.


ARENA (2005)

The mighty empire that once stood in Adevon has crumbled, leaving the believed successors trapped in a death match for absolute control of its magical plains.


Rynth: Enter the Labyrinth (2003)

Enter the Labyrinth of Rynth, the cursed temple of the Babylonian Sun God, dodge an axe-wielding phantom, avoid electrified fields, and race to the top of an active volcano in search of the portal back to your own world!


Bomb Voyage Series

Bomb Voyage III (2004), Bomb Voyage II (2003), Bomb Voyage (2002)

Enter the Bomb Arena and scramble for valuable crystal spheres while dodging heat-seeking high explosives in the Bomb Voyage Series!


MathTrek Series

MathTrek II (2003), The Mathematics Quest (2002)

Improve your math skills while saving the world in the MathTrek Series, a quest for calculation perfection amid a world of strife.


IceHop (2005)

Slide around the icy grid from tile to tile, searching for the Rainbow Tile to the next level.


MineSwept (2007)

KeithgameS Software updates Minesweeper with a fully-integrated solver and hint engine.


Photon (2007)

An original puzzle challenge combining light, lasers, and logic.


Tafl (2007)

An ancient stategy game brought back to life.


PlexEdit (2007)

KeithgameS Software updates the classic DOS game Supaplex with a powerful level editor!