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Legal Disclaimer

KeithgameS Software strives for high-quality software. However, no program is completely safe on all systems and hardware configurations. The following information describes the legal implications of software downloads and should be read.

Software Security

No KeithgameS Software programs install or download malware (worms, viruses, spyware, etc.) None of our programs record or transmit information not entered by the user. None of our programs record or log your computer activity. None of our programs access or manipulate your personal information. In short, we made these programs to make people happier, and none of them are at all malicious.

Software Stability

KeithgameS Software strives for computer excellence. However, it acknowledges that its software has not been tested on all systems. As with any software, programs from the KeithgameS Software Downloads Page carries inherent risks. While we acknowledge these risks, we also declare that we believe our software to be stable on all Windows systems. By downloading our software, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless KeithgameS Software and its programmers for any unintended results on your system.

Software Efficacy

Though we are confident that our software will effectively perform its stated task, many of our programs may not work as intended on more advanced computers. As a general rule of thumb, the older a program it, the more likely it is to encounter problems on newer systems. By downloading our software, you agree not to take legal action should the software fail to perform its stated task.


The basic message here is this: We want you to have useful, entertaining programs. We've tested them on as many systems as we could have, and have debugged them to the maximum extent of our abilities. If something goes wrong, we're sorry to hear it, but we're not responsible.