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Past Projects

If you're interested in seeing some of our earlier work, you can find links to the sites here. is a website linking California homebuyers and homesellers with experienced real estate specialists native to the area. Those in the market can meet Lyon Realtors' top selling agents or independent teams specializing in fast-growing areas like Carmel and Sacramento.

True to our promise, every word on this site is exactly as it was handed to us by the owner. The site sports many features for the owner, such as a keyword editor and expandable links page. The site is seamless, with incredible database and email scripts running silently while the user searches for the deal of a lifetime.

The Voluntary Math Challenge

We were recently commissioned to post a variety of math puzzles onto the internet. However, many of the puzzles (such as the grid puzzles) did not lend themselves to easy manners of user input. However, as you may want to see, we created a unique system of input for the puzzles. Additionally, we also included a bonus Hall of Fame page and Statistics site to display the best of the mathematical elite.

Unlike other pages, we were given immense leeway with the VMC site. As a result, it sports many features not originally specified.