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Web Design Policies

Our Web Design policies allow for both big-picture innovation and fine-tuned minor details. Below are our policies and methodology for webpage design.

Web Design Plans

Our standard web design plan. This plan can be used for both business and personal web pages. We will set up a web domain, create the web pages, register your site with popular search engines, include a keyword editor for your page, and give you three-months of follow-up work at lower rates. If possible, we will arrange to have email accounts created on your new domain and set up a web statistics monitor.
The business plan is an extension of the Basic plan intended for pages dealing with business transactions. In addition to the previous features, the Business plan adds a web control panel where you can easily view and modify site features using a friendly interface. Furthermore, the business plan extends the three-month follow-up period to a full year of repair and maintenance work.
If you're interested in a personal web page with a blog, photo gallery, links page, and unique email account, you may want to consider the Personal plan. The Personal plan uses existing templates (of course, with some customization) to give you a useful personal web page in a very short time frame. Within a few days of ordering, you may have a fully-functional personal web page. Because of the reduced difficulty, this plan is significantly cheaper than the Basic plan.
The Economy plan is a lower-cost version of the Basic plan intended for simple web pages that do not involve complex scripting. You receive a web page on its own unique domain, the keyword editor, and an email account, but you will not have free search engine registration and reduced-cost followup work.

What We Do

Realize ideas.
Our primary service is converting your already existing ideas into an actual webpage. This is what we do best. Our methods are creative and original and you will see the page you're visualizing.
Design around ideas.
If you don't know exactly what you want, but you have a rough idea, that's perfectly fine. We'll draw up a plan for the website, submit it to you for approval, and create it.
Redo existing pages.
If you have an existing website that you're not satisfied with, we may be able to identify weak features and create an entirely new site on the same domain.
Add new section to existing pages.
If you have an existing website but want to add complex functionality, we will give you a consult to see if we can improve your site.
Custom projects.
Feel free to send us an email and ask if we're able to perform any services for you. We're willing to help!

What We Don't Do

We will automatically turn down a work offer if the page you suggest meets any of the following criteria:

  • The page is pornographic or obscene,
  • The page promotes hate, discrimination, or is offensive to minorities,
  • The page is created with the intent to defraud others,
  • The page is affiliated with terrorist organizations,
  • The page sends spam or other unsolicited messages.